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I know, I know, long time since my last post. Let’s see . . . well Baltimore Comic Con was a big success in more ways than one. First, EPIC #0 sold VERY well (we actually sold out of the BCC edition). It was a great experience for me personally. Not only to meet my EPIC teammates face to face for the first time, but this was the biggest con I’ve been to and the reaction from kids to moms to the guys after hearing the pitch really makes you feel like you’ve got something going here. The panel for Creating Comic Art Digitally went great. Sitting on stage with Dan Govar (DC artist) and Steve Ellis (Marvel artist) was an inspiring experience to see how others craft their digital process. I got to meet longtime Twitter buddies of the guys at Th3rd World Studios and, by accident, got to have dinner with Michael Golden’s assistant and ALEX SUVIAK (one of the greatest 80s Web of Spiderman artists!) at the airport on the way home. It was a great experience all the way around!

Now for some more recent news. While doing that panel at BCC, Steve Ellis turned me on to a program called Manga Studio. I’ve seen this program before but was initially intimidated with the learning curve, but after talking with Steve, I decided to give it another go. And let me tell ya, I’ve been impressed so far! Now my first love is Sketchbook Pro and comparatively I look at these two art programs in different categories. Manga Studio is fantastic at digital inking and overall visual story management. But SBP still has it beat in straight up penciling to a natural feel. Good thing is I can import my pencil sketching into MS and off we go. I’m really looking forward to diving more into all this dedicated comic art program has to offer!

So, currently I’m inking the short indy crossover with EPIC and Cary Kelley’s DynaGirl. A fun little story that Tyler and Cary co-wrote that brings these two power houses together. Here’s a screenshot of Manga Studio inks in progress (still has a little bit to go :-).

Also, Tyler has the 2nd draft of EPIC #1 complete and man are you in for a treat. I just hope I can do it justice as he’s not holding back and throwing out the big guns right off the bat. On top of that, Tyler’s kicking off the 2nd annual 30 Characters Challenge which I’m going to take part of. Great opportunity to populate your universe with a variety of characters. Check it out!

And to finish up, I’ll be at the Up Fair Nov. 19-20 in Lexington KY. This con is unique in they ask the vendors to put on a seminar for fellow creators to help the comic community grow and get better as a whole. I’ll be putting on the Creating Comic Art Digitally presentation so just another chance to help out your fellow creators and make this world a little more creative!

Whew! . . . Later!


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