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Hello! My name is Matt Zolman. I’m currently 34 years of age living in southwestern Ohio with a beautiful wife and 2 youngins’ that keep me busy. I’ve journeyed through this life as a graphic and multimedia designer which I love and has treated me well.

Now for the back story: After my father died when I was 7, my mom would take me to the local grocery store which the monumental first exposure to comic books graced my life. My mother, being the ever caring lady that she is, would buy a few for me to keep me occupied and happy. The exposure to that particular art style has stuck with me though out my life pushing me to dabble in creating artwork of my own. And that is just it . . . dabbling. With having a truly supportive wife and 2 wonderful children of my own, it has inspired me to pursue my childhood dreams of making a serious effort to improve my abilities and acquiring work in the comic book industry.

After all, how can I teach my children to chase their dreams in life when I have not done that myself!

This blog is a small part of my effort to make just that happen. To be continued . . .

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