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Well I’m heading to the Baltimore Comic Con with EPIC teammates, Tyler James and Ty Tyner, to officially launch EPIC #0.

We’ll have 3 versions of the comic –
– Standard Edition – with sweet wrap around cover
– Limited Edition Baltimore Comic Con / Comic Related – special cover
– Artist Edition – Let the EPIC team create a one-of-a-kind comic with a sketch cover, with pencils by me, inks by Tyler and colors by Ty.

We’ll also have various prints for sale as well as a chance to win a copy of Sketchbook Pro software. Stop by booth 1905 and say hi!

And on top of that, I’ll be participating in a panel with Azure creator and artist, Dan Gover, and High Moon artist, Steve Ellis where we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Creating Comic Art Digitally!


The EPIC vs. Dino-Rilla piece was put together for Super Hero section of the HueDoo Master Digital Color Talent Search 2010. Many talented colorist tried there hand at a variety of genres from Science Fiction to Animation to Super Heroes. I was humbled to see the interpretations of my EPIC pinup and especially Ross Hughes’s winning piece shown here. Ross was kind enough to lend me the high res which will become my con banner which I’ll post soon. Ross is the talented colorist for Red Handed Studios successful series Fallen Justice. Check out his skillz!

Wow! It’s been forever since I’ve done a blog post! Goes to show you how busy I’ve been.

EPIC is coming this August with the debut of Issue #0 at the Baltimore Comic Con. Co-creator and writer Tyler James as well as colorist Ty Tyner will join me in Baltimore where we will have 3 variants of book to bring to the masses which will include a standard, artist, and BCC special editions.

Check out this digital ashcan preview to give you an idea of what to expect!

And to give you more fun, here’s a new pinup of our boy EPIC taking on one of Dr. Geneto’s evil creations Dino-Rilla! He’s NOT all bite!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know the new job has been a blast so far and the great people at Real Art Design Group really do encourage creative thinkers and want people’s talents to flourish. It’s a breath of fresh air with a career in the corporate world where my scribblings would be frowned upon.

Checking in with everyone to give you an update! First off, I’ve joined the fine folks at Real Art Design Group, an interactive and print studio which has some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry. I look forward to contributing and learning from the incredible opportunities their clients let them run wild with!

I’ve also been super busy moving forward with the new project with Tyler James. We’re currently searching out potential colorist for the project as well as moving into finished pencils. I’m so looking forward to showing the world this EPIC project when the time is right!

Also, I’ve signed up at my first comic con as a creator! On April 11th, I’ll be at the Gem City Comic Con which will be held at the Wright State Student Union. Not only will I have a table pedaling my goods, I’m also going to do a “seminar” on the advantages/disadvantages of producing comic art in the digital world, as well as a demonstration of Sketchbook Pro. If you get a chance, stop by as I’ll have a surprise for fellow creators and fans! (more to come!) Now I just need to start creating original art to sell (yes, a disadvantage of being a digital artist).

Not only that, but I have a host of other items on my plates like Blue Line Pro Sketch Card Event for Cancer 2010 as well as some promising upcoming opportunities. WHEW!

I’ve been testing myself with digital inking with my good friend Sketchbook Pro and my new best friend Wacom Cintiq! I’ve made the investment to kick my art up notch this year with this highly flexible tool. I must say that I was nervous that it would not be what I was hoping for or worst yet, no different than my trusty tablets. I can undeniably say that it was worth every penny. I was so used to using the tablet that I didn’t realize the disconnect I had until I did some paper and pen art and how much faster I was. The major difference is in my attempts at inking. Having a direct visual reference when starting line strokes makes such the difference. Hopefully I can grow this skill to help add to my art and take one step closer in producing comic art start to finish. And the march goes on . . . .

Here is a screen shot of another character concept. This time it’s Roid Rage! The sad case of a teenage star athlete wanting fame and fortune at any cost.

Here is a character concept of my man Beanie. I’m really happy with the overall look and posturing of this brainiac. That is all.

Yet another character concept. Can honestly say this is the first one I’m not entirely sure of. Was originally going to go for a crazy old mad scientist, but thought it would be cool to go modern on this. I dig the tones of the costume, don’t know about the mecha-gloves. Might do away with them all together. Also, an attempt to focus on directional lighting with the glowing nucli. Thought I would share even if I’m not entirely diggin’ it.

If you visit this location on the interwebs, you’ll notice that I’ve taken an interest in coloring to develop my skillz as an overall artist. This is a skill that I’m going forward on with little to no actual training, which I guess is no different in anything I’ve done to this point so why change that now right? Well, yes and no, while I believe experimenting is the best form of training, it always helps to be pushed in the right direction.

This is where cartoon artist extraordinaire and internet buddy, Otis Frampton, comes to the rescue. I asked Otis to critique my Thor concept and offer any suggestions to help improve my outlook on coloring. Not only did he offer a critique, he re-colored my pencil work to support his teachings (see image above). The big thing I was lacking was directional lighting from a main light source, as in this case it’s the lightning from the hammer. This creates a overall mood for the character and sets the tone for what’s to come. Thanks again to Otis and look forward to future lessons!

Through the years, I’ve had a few dreams and hobbies that were driving me to do better in hopes of creating something out of it. This year I decided to pursue a childhood dream of drawing comics. It’s all I wanted to do as a young lad. Funny how you grow older, become more responsible, get a house, start a family. These things give me the ability to chase those childhood dreams today. The feeling of making that decision last April and diving in head first is something I’ll never forget. It’s created a passion inside of me like nothing else. I truly understand when someone uses the term “comic bug”. It has allowed me to grow as penciler and develop as an artist.

I’d like to thank a few people that have helped me along the way . . .

  • Chuck Moore and the Comic Related gang.
  • Kevin Hicks
  • Liam Bradley
  • Sean Parsons
  • Tyler James
  • Cary Kelley
  • Otis Frampton

And thank you to all the visitors to this little mindless blog.

I welcome you 2010, as you are going to be